Thursday, April 25, 2013

Seven Minutes in Heaven (1985) DVDrip

Natalie Becker is staying at home studying and working on an essay to meet the president while her father is away. Jeffrey Moran, a childhood friend, is having trouble with his stepfather, Jeremy, who is an immature bully, so she lets him stay with her. All sorts of trouble and misunderstandings ensue. Natalie's best friend Polly tries to date a pro baseball player, Zoo Knudson, and is very intrusive on Natalie's personal life, jumping to hasty conclusions. She is also ready to jump on a plane to New York to be with Zoo.


Size: 843 MB
Starring: Jennifer Connelly, Byron Thames and Maddie Corman
Runtime: 88 min


i love this movie. but by any chance. could it be post in one piece please?
thanks for the post the dvd rip!