Saturday, February 16, 2013

Would anyone like to see this site revived?

I miss sharing all the wonderful movies from  the 80's with you and have been thinking of starting this blog back up. I haven't noticed any good upload sites though, so if you have recommendations for me please let me know.
  I prefer to download everything from torrents, so if that works for the majority I will start putting my movies on a BitTorrent and it will be up to you guys to keep seeding them. It will be a lot of trial and error but hopefully we can keep the 80's alive somehow.

Thanks for all the continued support!


we miss your excellent uploads!
torrents will be wonderful, and more longlasting than here-today-gone-tomorrow upload sites!

Yes, please continue to post these great 80's movies! Torrents are fine, way better than YouTube uploads.

Dear Telly, thanks for returning back and continue sharing with us all the fantastic movies from the 80's. Thanks for your job.

Hello beautiful telly (i hope u are a ladie), excuse my english im from mexico, i discover u site like 2 years ago, in xmas time, u make my holidays special that year, i tough i know alot about films but u are a enciclopedia, tyvm for u hard work, i use torrents for more than 5 years now, i use mainly the page, its like a search engine, kickass, bisnop and pb are the ones i use.... can i leave my email here? i love to meet u and chat about movies and stuff, my email its (can u delete my mail when u read this comment? : )

Hi Telly! It's great to have you back!!
► Here's a list of filehosts you can use: