Tuesday, February 14, 2012

O.C. and Stiggs (1985) DVDrip

O.C. and Stiggs aren't your average unhappy teenagers. They not only despise their suburban surroundings, they plot against it. They seek revenge against the middle class Schwab family, who embody all they detest: middle class.

Size: 401 MB
StarringDaniel Jenkins, Neill Barry and Jane Curtin
Runtime: 109 min


Damn. I guess I'm just gonna have to delete my bookmark to your blog. I was stoked when I stumbled on it originally. I'm not sure who you are aiming for but the quality of these files are not really high enough to watch. I've commented on other posts without getting a reply. How am I supposed to watch a film at 500kbps that is also interlaced? I recommend deinterlacing as needed and keeping bit rates to at least 1000kbps.