Friday, January 20, 2012

The 80's Will Live On

So while Megaupload is down, I will be focusing on your requests only. So please let me know what movies you want and to what site you want them on.

Thanks for your continued support....this blog will continue, just at a slower pace.


Megaupload has been shut down
heres the link as to why

Can you re up Friday the 13th the Series when you get a chance so I can finish downloading the damn thing. MU problems really have nothing to do with piracy issues - rather its an attempt to recoup losses due to really bad business decisions and practices. Want to guess how much the major studios lost last year on producing inferior products? Way more than piracy supposedly cost them. It is also about instilling fear and control as well as turning people into criminals for not following vague and ambiguous laws. Glad to see you are going to keep keeping on. Remember, fear is the key and a guiltless man is more dangerous than an armed one. Peace.

Just my luck to discover this wonderful site a week after the feds take out a hit on the great megaupload. I was looking for "Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills", and if you ever repost I'll be grateful! If not, I'll keep stopping in from time to time. I especially love b-movies and cult films. Thanks so much for sharing these terrific films with us.
Joe G