Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Second Time Lucky (1984) DVDrip

After the devil (Robert Helpmann) bets God (Robert Morley) that if Adam and Eve were given a second chance, they would succumb to temptation again, a contemporary couple (Roger Wilson and Diane Franklin) is swept from a college party to the Garden of Eden and then on a whirlwind tour throughout history, with temptation at every stop. The fantasy satire takes place in locations including ancient Rome, a Chicago speakeasy and 1960s London.

Size: 550 MB
Starring: Diane Franklin, Roger Wilson and Jon Gadsby
Runtime: 101 min


Thanks for posting this movie. It's not the greatest 80's flick by far, but it does bring back memories of a pre-internet era when I was 12 sneaking to watch this on Cinemax just to catch a glimpse of boobies. This generation today has no idea how easy they have it ...