Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Killer Party (1986) DVDrip

Three friends are trying to get into a sorority. One of them, Vivia (Willis-Burch), plays a prank on the girls in the sorority on the night of the initiation. She learns that is how she was accepted to the sorority and now must play a prank at a party hosted by the sorority for the local fraternity. The party is to be held at an old abandoned house. Another friend, Jennifer (Johnson), is bothered by this house, but the third friend, Phoebe (Wilkes) and the guy she is interested in (Hewitt), convince her to go along with the party plans. Unfortunately for the friends and everyone else at the party, someone or something else does not want anyone at their abandoned house.

Size: 700 MB
Starring: Martin Hewitt, Ralph Seymour and Elaine Wilkes
Runtime: 91 min